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Paper Lanterns

 We are a professional manufacturer of paper lanterns more than 17years, mainly sold to the United States, more and more customers  wholesale from us

The characteristics of paper lanterns cheap and easy used , they can be made into a variety of shapes , including : Round paper lanterns , saturn paper lanterns , square paper lanterns , cylinder paper lanterns , olives paper lanterns , heart-shaped paper lanterns , mushroom paper lanterns, pagodas paper lanternsbeehive paper lanterns , air balloon paper lanterns etc., 

China's most professional lantern manufacturer

Over 2000 styles!LINWEI lantern to leading the new trend. Our factory was built in 1993, we are the manufacturer of the earliest in Chinese for paper lanterns, nylon lanterns, led battery lanterns, string lanterns, many of the world's large wholesale companies and large retailers import from us,  year export trade amounted over U.S. $ 5 million

also can use any different paper, such as : Eyelet paper lanterns , handmade paper lanterns , star paper lanterns , etc.,

if coupled with light  that have: battery paper lanterns , string lights paper lanterns , etc., while play on the LOGO , printed on a variety of beautiful patterns as our patterned lantern , halloween paper lanterns of course, it can also be used in lampshades, floor lamps , table lamps and more.


Lantern size can be divided into: 3.5 " , 6" , 8 " , 10" , 12" , 14" , 16 " , 18" , 20" , 22" , 24 " , 26" , 28 " , 30" , 36 "

Colors can be dyed colors such as : white paper lanterns , pink paper lanterns , red paper lanterns , ivory paper lanterns , yellow paper lanterns, purple paper lanterns , Robin eggs colored paper lanterns, orange paper lanterns , coral paper lanterns , lavender paper lanterns , lilac paper lanterns , violet paper lanternsdove paper lanterns, fuchsia paper lanterns , grass green paper lanterns, black paper lanterns, gold paper lanterns, turquoise paper lanterns, light lime paper lanterns, coffe paper lanterns , silver paper lanterns and  more colors. , 42 " , 48" , 60 " , also can be made ​​in any size according to customer needs .

56 colors available

paper color swatch-1-22-small.jpg

paper color swatch-23-44-small.jpg

new 12colrs paper lanterns.jpg

Paper lanterns are great used in wedding decorated , home decorated and PARTY decorated to create a romantic atmosphere wonderful .

we Professional produce for  Accordion paper lanternsled battery lanterns,candle lanternssky flying lanterns, Fashion lanternsnylon lanterns, Flower lanterns, paper parasols, Tissue Pom poms, Party string lights, led balloons, led lights , wedding Rose petals, party Bunting...

Professional wholesaler-for your shop or your wedding party homes

Also on large orders (over $1000 or 167kgs ), may be you like to select the ocean shipping, it is The most economical!

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