Sun 24 September , 2023

Nylon Lanterns

Nylon lantern is a traditional Chinese lantern, which is characterized by durable,  it is looks great when it light up,  our silk lanterns included ronud nylon lanterns , Led battery nylon lanterns, kawaii silk lanterns, saturn silk  lanterns, egg silk lanterns, square box silk lanterns, bulb silk lanterns, cylinder silk lanterns, silk rose flower lanterns, pagoda silk lanterns, beehive silk lanterns, sari lamps, urn silk lanterns, cocoon silk lanterns, solar silk lantrns, Zigzag silk lanterns and more.

 there are many colors available, such as: white nylon lanterns, pink nylon lanterns, hot pink nylon lanterns, coral nylon lanterns, red nylon lanterns, violet nylon lanterns, ivory nylon lanterns, light yellow nylon lanterns, yellow nylon lanterns, lemon nylon lanterns,  grass nylon lanternsmango nylon lanterns, orange nylon lantern, light purple nylon lanternspurple nylon lantens, turquoise nylon lanterns, dark blue nylon lantrns, apple nylon lanterns, black nylon lanterns and also can be made ​​in any size according to customer needs, size from 3" 6" 8" 10" 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" 22" 24" 30" 36" 42" 48" available.

please choose:

1.wholesale by pack of 12 picese

2.wholesale by pack of case

we are a manufacturer

Professional wholesaler-for your shop or your wedding party homes

Also on large orders (over $1000 or 167kgs ), may be you like to select the ocean shipping, it is The most economical!

Monthly Specials For September

16” Red Plush fabric lantern lantern
16” Red Plush fabric lantern lantern
$6.99  $2.19
Save: 69% off
12” Red Plush fabric lantern lantern
12” Red Plush fabric lantern lantern
$5.99  $1.19
Save: 80% off

12” hot pink fabric lace lantern
12” hot pink fabric lace lantern
$6.99  $1.99
Save: 72% off

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