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Thu 18 April , 2019

The history of the lantern

Originating1800 years ago in the Western Han Dynasty,Chinese lanterns have a long history.It is said a god's bird lost was shotted by a man with no awareness.So the god was angry.He ordered the soldiers set fire on 15th Jan so that the humanbeing and the animals dead.However,the god's daughter is kind-hearted.She told the news to the humanbeing.Then,a clever person advised that people can decorating the house,set off fireworks and firecrackers on 13th/14th/15th Jan to let god believed the world fired.When the 15th Jan coming,the god found the fire light and the fire sound,so he thought that the world had been fired. To celebrate the success ,every family will hang the laterns on 15th Jan.

Of course there is a lot of legends about the lantern ,the wider one is that the customs of hanging lanterns on Lanterns Festival began in Eastern Han Dynasty.The Eastern Han Dynasty emperor Liu Zhuang promoted Buddhism.He knew the monks has a habit of worshipping Buddha's relics and lighting for buddha,so he ordered that the palace and the temple should light for buddha and the people should hang the laterns on 15th Jan.

Then this buddhism had become the ceremony of the world.The Lanterns Festival developed from palace to every family and from central plains to the whole country.During the reign of Tang Kaiyuan, to celebrate peace, people tie lanterns, the flickering lights is a symbol of " lucky, happiness, srong country", lanterns then become popular.

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