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We dedicated service to B2C Companies, Smart choices which means better business.

We are a manufacturer : JIANOU SHI JIANZHOU GONG YI PING CHANG direct wholesale online, our brand: 壹壹同享 (YIYI share)

JIANOU SHI JIANZHOU GONG YI PING CHANG is a top manufacturer which produce paper lanterns, nylon lanterns, accordion lanterns, paper parasols, paper pom poms 20 years, We are the the largest and most professional wedding lantern manufacturer in China, customers around the world, more and more Distributors, importer, shop directly order from our factory, we sold over 8,000,000 products per year,  we have more than 1800 styles lanterns with 60 colors to choose from, we always keep Up to 200,000 products on stock per month that to ensure our customers can receive on timely, so we can offer the best prices and adequate supplies, which is elsewhere can not be done, so whether you are a retailers, wholesalers, importers are able to find the top quality products and cheapest pricing at

you know how difficult it can be to find a dependable and profitable suppliers. Even the most experienced resellers struggle. How can you get a direct line of communication with legitimate suppliers that can help you set up and grow a healthy long term business?
may be now you have tens of thousands of suppliers to sort out, check whether they are still trading, whether they are legitimate companies, whether they will send you any product at all, whether they offer a prompt service, and so on. This multiplied by tens of thousands of times, each time you are trying to verify a supplier, means that takes up most of your day and life.


And in the JianouPaperLanterns, you will find we are a by far the largest and most complete wholesale servicer online , which is your direct link to the china‘s manufacturer most complete, and Quick and easy way.

We know that most shop try find a cheap supplies and then give up completely. If you stumble once it doesn't mean you cannot walk again. Today you can stand up and walk again, we guarantee we'll have you running soon:

if you want to building a new shop,  you can be sure that we are your best choice,today you can directly wholesale from China's manufacturer

Our advantages:

 1.wholesale starting at MOQ 12 (many manufacturers unavailable)

 2.the lowest price (Please Compare all)

 3.the most complete product ranges

 4.the latest and unique products

 5.ship by Express, air and ocean all available

6.available for Customers customized products & the products which you found on other where but not on our categories

We are the best supplier, specializing service for international shop

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